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Pima Prickly Park is located at 3500 W. River Road,  Google map directions Turn in at the Pima County Natural Resources sign and then take the first right into the parking lot. You can park under the solar panels carport. 

A seven acre desert park to highlight opuntias (prickly pear and cholla)and many other genera. This is a public park open from sunrise to sunset for the enjoyment by all. It is under construction and will take many years to implement all the gardens and features planned.  

Prickly pears and their relatives are an important economic plants which are used for food by humans, many animals and host insect species (cochineal), are landscape plants and help prevent soil erosion, medicinal and cosmetic purpose and more.


Hours: The 7 acre park is open to the Public from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week and is "free of charge".

Pets: Dogs ON A LEASH are welcome if you clean up after them. enjoy! Please bring a plastic clean-up bag, trash barrels are on site for your use.

Paths: There are several walking loop paths totaling over one mile.  They are mostly packed granite and mostly flat. Please be aware of possible rattle snakes, this is a native desert park. No motorized vehicles or scooters allowed in the park except for mororized wheelchairs.

Ramadas: There are three ramadas with two of them having large picnic tables.  The paths leading to the ramadas are handicap accessible from the parking lot.  For use of the park regarding special activities, please contact Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation at (520) 877-6000.  Their offices are located on the north side of the park.

Wildlife: You may be able to see humming birds, butterflies, hawks, squirrels, rabbits, road runners, lizards, tarantulas, snakes, bobcats, coyotes and various bugs.  Please do not feed the wildlife.

Plants:  Most of the plants are Cactus and other Succulents but there are plants to attract humming birds and butterflies.  See our pages with various featured gardens.  When we find a special cactus like a crested barrel or crested cholla, we locate it in the park so the public can enjoy it.

Park Brochures: We have a park brochure with a map and park features.  You can view it on our web but printed copies are located at the front (River Road) and rear (Camino de la Tierra) entrances and in the ramadas with the picnic tables.

Questions & More Information:  There are TCSS volunteers working in the park on Thursday mornings and often at other times.  Please stop and say hello and ask them any questions about plants that you may have, they are all very friendly cactophiles.  You can also email questions and suggestions to us at  Park@TucsonCactus. org. 

Water and Restrooms: There are no water fountains in the park but drinking fountains in the Office Building.  No outside bathrooms but you can visit the Office Building during business hours.  They have brochures in the lobby featuring all their Pima County Parks.


TCSS has a 15 year Operating Agreement with Pima County for Pima Prickly Park. This will be a collaborative effort involving not only Pima County Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation but many other educational organizations in Southern Arizona.


TCSS has been instrumental in the design, building and care of the park through its members volunteering a significant amount of time every week and many others participating on special workdays. A few volunteers show up on Thursday mornings for various tasks of their choosing.  All Members are welcome to just show up to join the fun.

You can Join or "Special Projects Team" to help out on Thursdays for special tasks, training included.  See details

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