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Garden Goal: Landscape irrigation is the highest water use application by Tucson homeowners.

As people look to reduce the amount of water spent on irrigation, the demonstration gardens will display a variety of ways to use Opuntioids in home landscaping situations. Trees, shrubs, wildflowers, vines and other species of complimentary desert plants will be included for further design ideas and inspiration.  There will be many different types of demonstration gardens throughout the park and some will come and go over time.

Cholla "Deterrent" Fence
This photo shows the long row of cholla cactus lining an existing chain link fence.  A very inexpensive and sustainable means to provide extra security not to mention food and nesting habitat that will be available once the cholla grow to about 3 or 4 feet tall. Blooms will add some beauty and a great pollen source for bees and other insects.  Truly a win-win-win undertaking.

This recent planting involved the use of cholla, mostly chain fruit or sometimes called jumping cholla.  They line the outside of the maintenance yard fencing to deter any fence climbing. This is about 180 cholla, one about every two feet, planted in September, 2011.  They will not require any supplemental water once established which should only take about one year.  They have had supplemental water only twice. The transplant success rate has been 99 percent.  These cacti were all dug up with bare roots and a few stems that broke off were planted next to the bases.  They were made available by Granite Construction Co. and planted by the TCSS Cactus Rescue Crew members.

   When planted in 2011

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