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School Grant Program

Information and Application: Download in PDF Format

TCSS provides grants to Arizona schools up to $750. TCSS will consider grants applications to establish or enhance a cactus and succulent garden at their site, classroom grow stations, resource materials/books and other projects not related to creating a garden such as field trips to Pima Prickly Park. The aim of the grant is intended to provide schools with the means to expand the student’s knowledge and interest in the Sonoran Desert cactus and succulents by integrating desert plants into the curriculum. Most grant requests pertain to building cactus gardens, if your request is for something else please ignore the references to cactus gardens.

There needs to be an initial meeting between the school contact(s) and the TCSS Educational Coordinator to discuss and describe the project parameters which meets both the school and TCSS goals. Contact us at to establish the initial meeting.

In the initial meeting, the school needs to understand the limitations of the grant (cactus and succulents, soil, rocks, labor, tools and cacti delivery and planting) and availability to native plants from TCSS Rescues, Pima County Native Plant Nursery and the TCSS Hoop House at Pima Prickly Park. TCSS can provide guidance on the garden design and planting.

During the initial meeting the following will be discussed: garden size, location and orientation, number and kinds of plants requested, shade provisions, water access, tool access, installation date and plan, long term care plan for the garden. At the initial meeting, the teacher will be provided the electronic TCSS SCHOOL GRANT form to be completed and sent to  After the initial meeting, the teacher and students will design a garden area plan and complete the grant application. The timeline established will guide the accessibility to available cactus form TCSS.

Students will be active participants in design, installation, and long term care of the garden. In addition, criteria used to select the grant recipients includes such items as: how many students will participate, how does the garden enrich or enhance science education. This may include a variety of curricula lessons and activities integrating reading, writing, math, geography, science and art. The garden becomes a school community effort.

The TCSS Rescue Program endeavors to conserve and protect our native plants. In addition, it provides the funding for this school grant program. TCSS Educational Outreach can support related cactus and succulent lessons or activities through field trips, lessons/activities and our online resources.

Subsequent to the initial meeting and after the garden design is completed, the school contact will complete the TCSS School Grant and send it electronically to At that time, the TCSS board will consider the grant as presented by the Educational Coordinator. Funds will go directly to the contact teacher for immediate use. Plants, if provided will be available based on the scheduled plan and availability. The teacher will understand the time needed to collect approval and award the funds based on the proposed submission.

For questions or more information Contact us at

Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society (TCSS)

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