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The resources below will assist in the development of website support help screens and educational resources (both static and video).

PowerPoint Skills Videos: PowerPoint is an important software application to TCSS activities that involve teaching 

  • Complete PowerPoint Training  (Video)  PowerPoint is the most common tool used to create slideshows that we use to illustrate presentations.  PowerPoint has a built in record function the lets you convert your slideshow into a video that we can post on one of the TCSS social media sites.  We are ALWAYS looking for new topics for our YouTube, Instagram or Facebook channels.  This link offers a comprehensive 31 module tutorial on PowerPoint 2016 (this is the version that TCSS has on their laptops).  Presentations created on one version of PowerPoint can be viewed and edited by other versions. After you open the video link, look at the bottom of the video. There is a list of the 31 lessons on this video and instructions about how to access each lesson individually.

  • Voice Overlays  (Video)  You have created your PowerPoint presentation and you are ready to make it a video by recording
    a narrated slideshow. The problem is that you do not like your own voice. Create a written script for each slide and let Text-to-Speech
    software narrate the video for you.

Zoom Skills Videos: Zoom is the TCSS conference software of choice for team and organizational meetings 

  • Zoom 1 Minute "How To" Video Series   (Video) 9 separate 1 minute videos to help you quickly answer basic "How to" questions.   

Educational Material Development Software: Tools helpful in developing educational resources 

  • Free Photo Editing Software  (Video) How to download & install Paint.net. Think of it as Photoshop lite. Since it is free you may want the download instructions to help you skip the bloatware that installs with free download.  Also you need to install plugins you get the all the features you may need.
  • How to remove image backgrounds  (Video) Photos (especially cactus) often have distracting backgrounds that you would like to remove in order to clean up your PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Free Screen Recorders  (Video) While PowerPoint has its own built in screen recorder, we often need to make short videos to insert into our ppt presentations or as stand alone video helps.  This video review 5 free apps that are all excellent
  • OBS Basic Tutorial  (Video) Getting started with this very full featured free and open source screen recorder
  • Free Video Editors  (Video) After we record video with a camera, PowerPoint or one of the screen recorders above, we need to merge clips, take out fumbles and add title slides, production credits and the like. This video review several free apps that are all excellent.
  • Instagram Video Editors  (PageLink) A web post that shares 17 smartphone video apps for creating, designing, and editing Instagram videos.
  • Windows 10 Built -In Video Editor Basic Tutorial  (Video)  For basic clip splicing, start & end cropping and adding title slides created in PowerPoint this editor (that you probably already have) is great. 

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