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Latest priority update 7/12/21

Unforeseen opportunities and challenges create a higher priority need for help. The tasks & volunteer positions below are priorities for TCSS. If you can help in any of these areas, contact the person listed as primary support for each task or position listing ASAP.

Irrigation Repairs & Installation Team at Pima Prickly Park

In the short term, this team is being lead by Steve Watts and meets on Monday mornings for weekly work sessions. Steve would at some point in the future like to pass this job to someone else and serve as a resource person when needed.

You should join this volunteer team if you have any irrigation experience and want to be of service to other park steward teams OR if you are interested in learning about irrigation systems.

Duties include refining, repairing and documenting the park's water systems in support of other volunteer teams.

At this point, the park is mostly hand watered as needed. We have two independent irrigation systems. One is in the Baja Garden and serves the Mexican Blue Palms and the other is in the Pollinator Garden. The Pollinator garden system is due for a complete rebuild.

Pima Prickly Park follows principles of Xeriscape in park design and management. To learn more about this topic, join the volunteer team AND take the class called Xeriscape & Practical Irrigation that is a part of the TCSS Wednesday Night Class Series offered at Pima Prickly Park.

We will meet each week on Monday from 5:30 am (or whenever you can get there) to 8:30 am. This gives us 3 hours each work day.
No experience is required, you can learn on the job.

Team Lead - Steve Watts -> Set work days and times, inform team members - email
Team Support - Steve Watts -> Buy materials and provide hands-on instruction as needed.
Connection Support - Open -> Bring coffee (TCSS pays), take pictures for the newsletter and website, do introductions and keep it somewhat social. This is a volunteer gig, it's supposed to be a pleasant morning working and learning with friends. You keep Steve from turning this into drudge work.

Planting Rescue Plants Team at Pima Prickly Park

Judi Marro has stepped up to take the lad with the planting team at Pima Prickly Park.

Judi needs help with planting on Thursday mornings at 7 am.

When the cactus rescue team saves unique plants or plants that cannot be sold to members at our plant sales, they are planted at the park. 

We have a backlog of large barrels that need to get into the ground and some large saguaros that will be coming in soon. These plants are currently stored in the shade behind the hoop house waiting to go in the ground.

The team lead is responsible for organizing the effort and communicating with Linda about where the plants go. Judi does this at 6:30 (in case you want to sit in). The team then goes to work at 7 am.

Team Lead - Judi Marro -> Call the team together when plants are delivered from the rescue team - email to join in. 
Team Support - Steve Watts or Vonn Watkins -> Offer hands-on instruction or assistance as needed.
Connection Support - Open -> Monthly pizza feeds (TCSS pays), take pics for the newsletter and website, do introductions and keep it somewhat social.

Desert Haven County Park Program Coordinators (3-person team)

Desert Haven County Park is located in south central Tucson at 36th and Campbell. Please review the Desert Haven Park selection in the volunteer menu.

This project is new for TCSS and the responsibilities of the volunteer position are still being developed.

At the moment, we are talking with Pima County Parks Dept. and we would like to identify soneone to take the lead as we start adding plants to the existing landscape.

At a later time, we would like to identify others who might be interested in helping with the coordination of TCSS programs and partnerships with local schools and neighborhood associations.

It's too soon to develop a team, but if you would be interested in being a part of the project discussion, contact our club president, Dick Wiedhopf - email

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