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Water Harvest Study Group - Resource Reference List

  • Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands By: Brad Lancaster Web Link

    A website with how-to videos, blog entries and sales of Brad's 2-book set that is the definitive reference for rainwater harvest.  Note - the TCSS library has a copy of the 2-book set to loan.

  • Passive Water Harvesting PDF Link

    A PDF document from the UA Extension Service with illustrations. It's a very good 3-page intro document.

  • Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use PDF Link

    A PDF doc from the UA extension service with illustrations. This one is a 60-page handbook with details about the design and construction of both passive and active water harvesting techniques.

  • Rain Gardens: A How-To Manual for Homeowners PDF Link

    A PDF doc from the City of Prescott with illustrations. This one is a 19 page handbook with details about the design and construction of passive water harvest techniques.

  • Utilizing Rainwater and Gravity: A Guide to Rain Gardens Web link

    What's a rain garden and how do they work? This is great information about how to consider the plants to position in a garden to take advantage of rainwater using just the flow of gravity.

  • Watershed Management Group Web Link

    A local non-profit located in Tucson. They offer classes, project design, government rebate assistance and a website w/ how to videos and other resources.

  • Water Harvesting on the Rise in Arizona Web Link

    A YouTube video from Arizona Public Media of a homeowner showing her system that you may find helpful.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Full System Tour - Southern Arizona Web Link

    A YouTube video of a homeowner showing his system that you may find helpful.

  • Rainwater Catchment Calculator Web Link

    A website to help you calculate the rainwater collection potential of your home or project.

    Easy Formula to Remember: 1" of Rain on 1,000 sf Roof will Yield 623 Gallons.
    On average, Tucson gets about 10 inches of rain per year, but microclimates around the city vary widely.

  • Possible Field Trips Web Link

    A list of water harvest project sites that can be scheduled for a tour.

  • WATER Harvesting Presentation for MASTER GARDENERS   Web Link

    A video presentation by Ann Audrey

  • Arizona Drought Monitoring    Web Link

    Current drought conditions in Arizona

  • A Guide to Responsible Desert Dwelling    Web Link
    Discover a brief history of how we’ve become one of the most water-resilient cities in the Southwest and the actions we can take together to secure our water future in the face of drought and climate change.

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