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urban rescue

The TCSS Urban Rescue group accepts donated plants from homeowner landscapes.

These donations are often the result from plants that have outgrown their space or are located in a place where a home remodel or landscape change might otherwise destroy the plants. We also re-home special collections (in pots or in the landscape) where the homeowner is moving and would like to donate their collection to be cared for by members who love cactus and succulents.

We accept cactus and succulent plant donations but we do not provide landscape service like moving plants in a landscape.

We do not accept all plants for donations. Common, fast growing or unhealthy plants are generally not accepted. Each donation offer is evaluated on a case by case basis.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible charitable contributions. We provide a donation verification letter when requested.

If you have a possible “Urban Rescue” donation, please email the information about the donation to

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Contact Information - Name, Address, and Phone
  • How soon they must be removed
  • Plant Description - Size and Variety (If known)
  • Photos
  • We will schedule a time with you to send someone out to your home to:
    • ID the plants to determine if the club wants them.
    • Check access to plants, width of gates, and if plants are close to building.
    • Determine if BlueStake needs to be called for underground utilities?
    • Determine if the size of plants are something our volunteers can handle.
    • Determine what kind of vehicle will be needed to transport them?

What we do with the plants

    • Larger specimen plants are generally used in the demonstration gardens at Pima Prickly Park. This is a public county park developed and maintained in cooperation with Pima County Parks & Rec.
    • Some plants are set aside for TCSS plant sales that support our many educational and conservation programs and activities.
    • Plants that are not needed to support our programs sometimes are “adopted” by volunteer members that participate in the Urban Rescue Study Group.  Members are trained on the job to properly transplant or take cuttings for propagation.  Like every activity at TCSS, education and conservation are at the structural core of this program.

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