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"foster plants" program

In the TCSS "Foster Plants: program, members take home plant offsets or cuttings and grow them in containers for 1 to 2 years. When the new plants are fully rooted and are transplant ready, we will call them in for use in one of our conservation programs or to be sold at a plant sale. We may optionally elect to upsize the plant to a bigger pot if the member is willing to continue foster care.

This program addresses every part of the TCSS mission.

Education  -  See TCSS Activities Schedule for Training Times

  • We meet when we distribute the plants and provide the materials and instruction (if needed) to pot up the plants. This will include information about selecting appropriate potting mixes for succulents and desert adapted plants.
  • We provide written and verbal growing instructions.
  • We stay in contact to remind you about the appropriate cultural practices schedule.
  • TCSS advisors are always available to help troubleshoot problems that may come up.


  • The obvious contribution here is that these small plants are not ready to survive on their own. It's a harsh desert out there for a baby.
  • Many of these plants will be donated to habitat restoration projects when they are of transplant size.

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