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Our Myrtle Ethington Library is a collection of Cactus and Succulent books that are often hard to find and

many are out of print.  These books are available for TCSS Members to check out.

TCSS is fortunate to have a fine collection of cactus and succulent books and information in the TCSS Library. These items are available to TCSS members only and can be checked out at our meetings at Sky Islands Public High School.

If TCSS members would like to borrow an item from the library, please email library@tucsoncactus.org. If you would like a copy of this list, you can download the TCSS Library Books Excel File.



100 Desert Wildflowers in Natural Color Dodge, Natt N.
500 Cacti Preston-Mahfan, Ken
A Desert Country Near the Sea Zwinger, Ann
A Gardener's Guide to Cacti Succulents & Foliage Rosenfeld, Richard, Editor
A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum
Adenium & Pachypodium Handbook(booklet) Rowley, Gordon D.
Adenium Special     ISOCS Journal  
Agave Family in Sonora, The Gentry, Howard Scott
Agaves in the West Indies Trelease, William
Agaves of Continental North America Gentry, Howard Scott
Agaves, The  CSS Journal 1968  Yearbook Breitung, August J.
Agaves, Yucca and Related Plants; A Gardener's Guide G & M Irish
Aizoaceae  A-E   Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Aizoaceae  F-Z   Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Aloes - Pride of South Africa Jeppe, Barbara
Aloes for Greenhouse & Indoor Cultivation Noble, W. C.
Aloes of South Africa, The Reynolds, Gilbert W.
Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar Reynolds, Gilbert W.
Aristocrats of Namibian Flora
Rothman, Sakkie
American Plants Vol II c.1909; Vol III c.1912 Orcutt, Charles R.
Around One Cactus Fredericks, Anthony D.
Asclepiadaceae -  Illustred Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Australian Succulent Plants Kapitany, Attila
Autobiography of Harrison Yokum Yokum, Harrison
Baja Plant Field Guide (1/97) Roberts, Norman C.
Moon Handbooks
Cummings, Joe
Best Plant Book Ever George Seddon
Bonsai Succulents  Volume II de Vosjolie, Phillippe
Book of Cacti & Other Succulents, The Chidamian, Claude
Book of Cacti for the Amateur Collector (booklet) Lawson, H. C.
Brazil & its Columnar Cacti Werdermann, E.
Bromeliads for Home, Garden and Greenhouse Rauh, Werner
Bromeliads for Modern Living Louis Wilson
Cactaceae Marshall, W. Taylor & Bock, Thor Methven
Cactaceae, The
Discriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family
Britton, N. L. & Rose, J. N.
Cactaceae, The; Britton & Rose
Cactaceas - En la flora silvestre de Chile Hoffmann, Adriana J.
Cactaceas de Sonora, Mexico Agular, Rafaela Paredes, Van Devender, Thomas R.
Cacti Kupper, Walter & Roshardt, Pia
Cacti Borg, J.
Cacti - a Golden Books Guide Frank Venning
Cacti - An Illustrated Guide Schneck, Marcus
Cacti & Other Succulents - The Illustrated Reference Vol 1 Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti & Other Succulents - The Illustrated Reference Vol 2 Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti & Other Succulents - The Illustrated Reference Vol 3 Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti & Other Succulents - The Illustrated Reference Vol 4 Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti & Other Succulents - The Illustrated Reference Vol 5 Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti & Succulents for Modern Living Merchant's Publishing
Cacti & Succulents from Mother Nature Future Crafts Today
Cacti & Succulents in Habitat Preston-Mafham, Ken
Cacti & Succulents,  The Ultimate Guide to Anderson,  Miles
Cacti and Other Succulents Scott , S. H.
Cacti and Other Succulents Kramer, Jack
Cacti and Succulents Haage, Walther
Cacti and Succulents Chapman,. Peter.Martin, Margaret
Cacti and Succulents  A complete guide to species, cultivation and care Gideon F. Smith
Cacti and Succulents  A complete guide to species, cultivation and care Gideon F. Smith
Cacti and Succulents  Step-by-Step to Growing Success Keen, Bill
Cacti and Succulents - The Complete Book of Hewitt, Terry
Cacti and Succulents for the Amateur Glass, Charles & Foster, Robert
Cacti and Succulents in Your Home Robert Atkinson
Cacti for the Amateur Haselton, Scott
Cacti in Color, Pocket Encyclopedia Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Cacti of Arizona Benson, Lyman
Cacti of Arizona, The Benson, Lyman
Cacti of Texas  A Field Guide Powell, Weedin, Poweoll
Cacti of the Southwest Weniger, Del
Cacti of the Southwest
Revised with color
Earle, W. Hubert
Cacti of the Southwest, Revised Earle, W. Hubert
Cacti of the Southwest, Revised with Color Earle, W. Hubert
Cacti of the United States and Canada, The Benson, Lyman
Cacti, Barthlott, Wilhelm
Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevada Ingram, Stephen
Cacti, An Illustrated Guide Innes, Clive & Glass, C.
Cacti, other Succulents, and Unusual Xerophytes of Southern Arizona Johnson, Matthew Brian
Cactus van Laren, A.J.
Cactus Manke, Elisabeth
Cactus & Succulent Journal #77 2005  
Cactus & Succulents
Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens-Inside and Out
Leubbermann, Mimi
Cactus and Its Home, The Shreve, Forrest
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1995 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1996 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1998 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1997 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1997 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1998 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  1999 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2000 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2001 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2002 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2003 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2004 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2005 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2006 CSSA
Cactus and Succulent Journal  2007 CSSA 
Cactus and Succulent Journal  Volumes 21-35 1940-1963 on 2 Disks CSSA
Cactus and Succulents and How to Grow Them Haselton, Scott
Cactus Book, The Houghton, A.D.
Cactus Cook Book Tate, Joyce
Cactus Family, The Anderson, Edward F.
Cactus File; Vol 1:1 through Vol 2:11  
Cactus File; Vol 2:2 through Vol 2:11  
Cactus Hotel Guiberson, Brenda
Cactus Lexicon Backeberg, Curt
Cactus Primer, The Gibson & Nobel, Park S.
Cactus World Bristish Cactus & Succulent Society
California Cactus Baxter, E.M.
California Desert Wildflowers Philip Munz
Caudiciform & Pachycaul Succulents Rowley, Gordon D.
Ceropegia, Brachystelma and Riocreuxia in Southern Africa Dyer, R. Allen
Chamaedorea Palms
The Species and Their Cultivation
Hodel, Donald R.
Christmas Cacti McMillan & Horobin, J.F.
Cites and Succulents McGough, Groves, Sajeva, Mustard & Brodie
Colorado Cacti Boissevain, Charles H. & Davidson, Carol
Colour Compact--? A Japanese Book  
Colourful Cacti and Other Succulent of the Deserts Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Colour-illustrated experiences of two expeditions for succulents in central, south, and southwestern Madagascar Alsterworthia International Special Issue No. 8
Copiapoa in their Environment Schulz & Kapitany
Cacti of Mexico and Southern USA
Dicht, R. F.  &  Luthy, A. D.
Cotyledon and Tylecodon van Jaarsveld, Ernst & Koutnik, Daryl
Crassula - A Grower's Guide Rowley, Gordon
Crassulaceae -  Illustred Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Cristata Cactus  
Cultivation of Succulents, The Jacobsen, H.
Cycads of South Africa Giddy, Cynthia
Cycads of Vietnam Osbrne, Roy
Desert Digits  An Arizona Number Book Gowan, Barbara
Desert Plant Life, Vol 1-24 American Succulent Society
Desert Plants at the Huntington Botanical Gardens Gary Lyons
Designing with Succulents Debra Lee Baldwin
Dicotyledons -  Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Discocactus Buining, A.F.H.
Don't Call Me Pig!  A Javelina Story Storad, Conrad J.
Dry Borders  Great Natural Reserves of the Sonoran Desert Felger, Stephen & Bill Broyles
Dry Climate Gardening with Succulents Folsom, Debra Brown
Dumpling and His Wife:  New Views of the Genus CONOPHYTUM Hammer, Steven
Echeveria Walther, Eric
Echeveria Cultivars Schulz, Lorraine  Kapitany, Attila
Echinoceres Pectinatus-Enchinocereus dasyacanthus Frank, Gerhard R. W.
Echinocereus Blum, Lange, Rischler, & Rutow
Echinocereus - Special Issue of Cactus & Co. L. Di Martino
Echinocereus pectinatus-Echinocereus dasyacanthus Group
The Echinocereus Friend
Frank, Gerhard R. W.
Ecology of the Saguaro II & III Steenberg & Lowe
Epiphyllum Handbook Haselton, Scott E.
Eriosyce Katterman, Fred
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 1 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 2 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 3 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 4 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 5 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 6 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal, The Vol 7 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal,The Vol 10 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal,The Vol 8 Strawberry Press
Euphorbia Journal,The Vol 9 Strawberry Press
Excelsa Vol I, II, III, IV  
Ferocactus Philbeam, John & Bowdery,
Flora  Volume 1  
Flora  Volume 2  
Flora of Texas Lundell, Cyrus Longworth & Benson L., et al.
Flora, Tropical East Africa Gillett, J.B.
Florida Entomologist  Vol 84  No.4 Florida Entomological Society
Flowering Cactus, The Carlson, Raymond
Flowers of the Southwest Deserts Dodge, Natt
Flowers of the Southwest Mesas Patraw, Pauline
Flowers of the Southwest Mountains Arnberger, Leslie P
Garden Insects of North America Cranshaw, Whitney
Garden Succulents Hewitt, Terry
Gardening with Succulents Rex Mabe
Gasterias of South Africa van Jaarsveld, E.J.
Genera of the Mesembryanthemaceae, The Herre, H.
Genus Conophytum, The  
A Conograph
Hammer, Steve
Genus Duvalia (Stapelieae), The Meve, Ulrich
Genus Ferocactus, The Lindsay, George & others
Genus Haworthia, The Scott, Charles S.
Genus Monadenium Bally, Peter R.O.
Genus Rebutia, The Abbey Book Press
Gibbaeum Handbook, The Nel, G.C.
Glossary of Succulent Plant Terms Marshall, W. Taylor & Woods, R. S.
Growing the Mesembs, The New Storm, Ed
Guide of the Aloes of South Africa Van Wyk, Ben-Erik & Smith, Gideon
Gymnocalycium  A Collector's Guide Pilbeam, John
Handbook of Succulent Plants, A; Vol I, II, III Jacobsen, Herman
Hardy Palms and Palm-Like Plants Graham, Martyn
Haworthia & Astroloba Pilbeam, John
Haworthia Handbook, The New Bayer, M.B.
Haworthia, First 50 Pilbeam, John
Haworthia, Second 50 Pilbeam, John
History of Succulent Plants, A Rowley, Gordon Douglas
How Plants are Named Yocum, Harrison
How to Know the Cacti Dawson, E. Yale
Hoya Handbook, The
A Guide for the Grower & Collector
Klappenburg, Dale & Wayman, Ann
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti, The; Riha & Subik
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents, The Rowley, Gordon D.
Illustrated Flora of the Northern States & Canada Britton, N.L.
Illustrated References on Cacti & Other Succulents, V. 1 Edgar Lamb
Illustrated References on Cacti & Other Succulents, Vol.2 Lamb, Brian
Illustrated References on Cacti & Other Succulents, Vol.3 Lamb, Brian
Illustrated References on Cacti & Other Succulents, Vol.4 Lamb, Brian
Illustrated References on Cacti & Other Succulents, Vol.5 Lamb, Brian
Index of Cactus Illustrations John Evanich
Interesting Newer Mammillarias Maddams, W.F.
Introduction to the Euphorbiaceae Albert Prichard
Invasive Plants of the Sonoran Desert
A Field Guide
Chambers, Nina & Hawkins, Tricia Oshant
Jojoba - A Wax Producing Shrub of the Sonoran Desert U of A Press
Lamb's Monthly Notes  
Lamb's Photographic Reference Plates - 4 covers  
Landscaping with Native Arizona Plants Natural Vegetation Comm Arizona Chapter
Las Cactceas de Mexico Bravo-Hollis, Helia
Lexicon of Succulent Plants Jacobsen, Herman
Lithops  Treasures of the Veld Hammer, Steven
Lithops Flowering Stones Cole, Desmond T.
Little Big Bend Morey, Roy
Lobivia (Vols I, II, III), bound as one volume Rausch, Walter
Look who lives in the desert! Bessesen, Brooke
Mammillaria  A Collector's Guide Philbeam, John
Mammillaria Handbook, The Craig, Robert T.
Mammillaria, A Collector's Guide Pilbeam, John
Mammillaria, The Cactus File Handbook Philbeam, John
Medicinal Plants of the World van Wyk,  Ben-Erik & Wink, Michael
Medicinal Plants of the World Van Wyk, Ben-Erik    Wink, Michael
Melocactus Taylor, Nigel P.
Melocactus of Cuba  
Mesembryanthemaceae, The Genera of the Herre, H.
Mesembs of the World Smith, Chesselet, van Jaarsveld, Hartman, Hammer, van Wyk, Burgoyne, Klak, Kurzwell
Monocotyledons -  Illustred Handbook of Succulent Plants Springer
Monthly Notes & binder for Photographic Ref. Plates Lamb
Montreal Botanical Garden, Essays of American Deserts David Eppele
More Succulents for the Garden Kapitany, Attila and Schulz, Rudolf
Name that Succulent Rowley, Gordon D.
Native Arizona Plants Rowley, Gordon D.
Native Cacti of California, The Benson, Lyman
Native Plants for Southwestern Landscapes Mielke, Judy
Native Trees & Shrubs for Landscape Use in the Desert Southwest Sacamano, Charles M. & Jones, Warren
New Growing the Mesembs Storms, Ed
New Haworthia Handbook, The Bayer, M.B.
Nishiki Succulent Handbook  
North American Deserts, The Jaeger. Edmund C.
North American Deserts, The Jaeger, Edmund C.
On The Desert
Essays of the American Deserts
Epple, David
Organ Pipe Cactus Yetman, David
Pachyforms A Guide to Growing Pachycaul and Caudiciform Plants de Vosjoli, Phillippe
Patterns in Evolution    The New Molecular View Lewin, Roger
Pediocactus and Sclerocactus, To the Habitats of Hochstatter, Fritz
Pelargoniums of Southern Africa Vanderwalt, J.J.A. & Vorster, P.J.
Pelargoniums of Southern Africa  Vol. 3 Van Der Walt, J.J.A. & Vorster, P.J.
Perennials for the Southwest Irish, Mary
Pereskia Leuenberger, B.
Pilosocereus  (Cactaceae)  The genus in Brazil Zappi, Daniela C,
Plant Hunters in the Andes Goodspeed, T. Herper
Plants for Dry Climates Duffield, Mary Rose & Jones, Warren
Plants for Man Robert Schery
Plants of Arizona Epple, Anne Orth
Plants of Arizona (1/97) Epple, Anne Orth
Plants of Big Bend National Park McDougall, W.B. & Sperry, Omer E.
Plants of the Gods Schultes, Richard Evans, Hofmann, Albert & Ratsch, Christian
Pocket Encyclopedia of Cacti Edgar & Brian Lamb
Popular Exotic Cacti in Color Lamb, Edgar & Brian
Popular Exotic Cacti in Color Lamb, Edgar and Brian
Prickly Pear Cookbook Niethammer, Carolyn
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Lancaster, Brad
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Volume 2 Lancaster, Brad
Rhipsalis Supple, Frank
Richtersveld   The Enchanted Wilderness Williamson, Graham
Roberts' Rules of Order Revised Robert, Gen. Henry M.
Sanseveria Brown, N.E.
Sanseveria Trifasciata Varieties, The Chahinian, B. Juan
Scorpions and Venomous Insects of the Southwest Stoops, Erik D. & Martin, Jeffrey L.
Sedum - Cultivated Stone Crops Stephenson, Ray
Sedums, Succulents Plant Inst. Study Group (booklet) Hart, J.A. & Wrigley, T. C., Editors
Simon & Schuster's Guide to Cacti and Succulents Pizzetti, Marella
Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, Vol 1, 2, & 3 Bailey, L.H.
Stapeliads in Cultivation Lamb, Edgar
Stapeliads, An Introduction to the Rainman, Marlene
Stapelieae, The; Vol 1, 2, & 3 White, Alain
Subgenus Tephrocactus, The Leighton-Boyce, Gilbert & Iliff, James
Succulent & Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar, Vol I Rauh, Werner
Succulent & Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar, Vol II Raugh, Werner
Succulent Compositae Rowley, Gordon D.
Succulent Compositea - Senecio & Othonna, A growers guide Rowley, Gordon D.
Succulent Euphorbia White, Alain
Succulent Euphorbieae, The White, Alain
Succulent Plants Jacobsen, Herman
Succulent Plants of India: an introduction Singh, Meena
Succulent Success in the Garden Kapitany, Attila and Schulz, Rudolph
Succulents   Care and Health Schulz, Rudolf, Kapitany, Attila
Succulents - The (New) Illustrated Dictionary Sajeva & Costanzo
Succulents - The Illustrated Dictionary Sajeva, Maurizio & Costanzo, Mariangela
Succulents and Cactus (2) Sunset Books
Succulents for the Amateur Brown, J.R.
Succulents for the Contemporary Garden Cave, Yvonne
Succulents for the Garden Kapitany, Attila and Schulz, Rudolf
Succulents other than Cacti van Laren, A.J.
Succulents Propagation Kapitany, Attila and Schulz, Rudolf
Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary Zajeva, Maurizio & Costanzo, Mariangela
Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary  
Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary  
Tephrocactus (booklet) Pilbeam, John
Teratopia  The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents Rowley, Gordon
The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Houk, Walter
The Cactus Moth,  Cactoblastis cactorum    DVD International Atomic Energy Agency
The Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum International Atomic Agency
The Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum International Atomic Agency
The Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum -  DVD International Atomic Energy Agency
The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants,
Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications
Ratsch, Christian
The Garden Succulents Primer Smith & Van Wyk
The Genus Duvalia (Stapelieae) Springer Biology
The genus Turbinicarpus Zachar, Milan
The Great Cacti  Ethnobotany & Biogeography Yetman, David
The Great Cacti  Ethnoolotany & Biogeography Yetman, David
The Handbook on Plumeria Culture Eggenberger,  Richard & Mary
The Hoya Handbook Kloppenburg, Dale
The Little Saguaro Shannon Young
The Living Earth Book of Deserts Arritt, Susan
The New Cactus Lexicon  2 volume set International Cactaceae Systematics Group
The Southwest Inside Out Wiewandt, Thomas and Wilks, Maureen
The Splendid Sansevieria Chahinian, B. Juan
Thelocactus Pilbeam, John
Trees and Shrubs of the Southwestern Deserts Benson, Lyman & Darrow, Robert A.
Trees of the Tropics Cochrane, Jennifer
Vygies van Jaarsveld & Pienaar
Western Garden Book, The Sunset Books
Who Pooped in the  Sonoran Desert  Scat and Tracks for Kids Gary D. Robson
Wildflowers of the Northern Cape van Noord-kaapland, Veldblomme
Women harvest Bollinger
World of Cacti, The Schuster, Danny
World Succulent Plants 
Colour Illustrated Dictionary
Sato, Tony
Yard Full of Sun Calhoun, Scott
Zachary Z. Packrat and his Amazing Collections Bessesen, Brooke

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