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Member Education

Member Education is at the core of the TCSS mission.  Member education is currently offered in the following formats & forums.

  • Monthly Meeting Seminar Presentation

On the 1st Thursday of every month we have a short business meeting followed by an informative presentation, door prizes, and free plants. The presentation is approximately 1 hour long and features a speaker considered expert in his or her field.  These presentations are recorded posted on one of our YouTube channels. They are available for viewing from this website by clicking the link in either the monthly meetings presentation index or the TCSS library resources database.

  • Classes – Cactus Rescue Program

At most rescue activities we offer hands-on training classes in how to find and SAFELY dig the available plants so that their chances for survival when transplanted are optimized. Rescues & classes are announced in the weekly activities email to members and on the website activities page.

  • Classes – Pima Prickly Park Steward Program

Hands-on classes in many aspects of Sonoran landscape cultural practices are taught at Pima Prickly Park.  Classes are announced in the weekly activities email to members and on the website activities page.

  • Study Groups

A study group facilitates self-learning activities in a subject relevant to the cultural practices of cactus and succulents. There are no hard fast rules about how study groups work but the following guidelines can help your group be a great educational experience.

  •      Each group has a written activity or "to do" list published on this website in the Activity RSVP section. This list should be updated frequently.
  •      The group should have no chair or lead but rather any member can initiate group activities while communicating with other members.
  •      Each group should have an email address that is forwarded to all members of the group so that anyone can communicate with the whole group simultaneously. 
  •     The group should have a self study reference list available on this website for members and any interested person to access.
  •      The group should schedule informal educational field trips as frequently as practical.
  •      The group should request help as needed from the tech team or member education team in creating classes that might involve guest speakers.
  •      The group should consider working with the member education committee to create educational materials for members and the general public.
  •      The group should plan and complete applied learning projects in the study area. This may be the most active part of the study group.
  •     The more relaxed and social the activities can be, the more people will want to participate.

We are open to as many study groups as members wish to create.  We ask only that each group’s activities stay consistent with the TCSS mission.

We suggest that classes and group activities be listed in the weekly activities schedule and the website calendar so that all members are welcome to participate.

Current TCSS Study Groups (click the link to learn more)

  •      Urban Rescue Study Group       Link 
  •     Library Study Group                 Link 
  •      Tech Team                               Link
  •     Water Harvest Study Group    Link

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