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Our mission is...
to increase member participation in all TCSS events and activities
through communication technology.

Our projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Supporting TCSS committees and activity teams as they develop and improve their
    individual sections of the website.
  • Developing educational materials to support the TCSS mission for all of our activity teams.
  • Constantly improving the quality of our hybrid online/in-person monthly meeting presentations.
  • Providing individual support for members experiencing difficulty using our online information systems.

Tech Team Project Listing


How collaboration works for Tech Team members:

  • We primarily support existing TCSS programs and activities but we accept ideas and requests from ANY TCSS member.
  • Project ideas within our purview and skill set limits are listed in the menu item labeled Tech Team Projects.
  • The team meets on the third Monday of each month at 7 pm to discuss two or three ideas. 
    Any TCSS member is welcome to join in to discuss ideas or offer new ones.
  • Monthly Meeting Agenda Format
    • Review the status of ongoing projects - members can optionally report to the entire team. An optional report format is;
          • Status of the project
          • Recent progress
          • Next steps / tasks
          • Request help or input
    • Questions / ideas / input on anything
    • Open positions on website in order of need priority

Tech Team Development Resources

We are just beginning (August 2021) to build a team of members not put off by technology to work together to develop a multifaceted communication system for our club. 

This group will be comprised of all technology skill levels. We will meet and work online and in small groups.

Some of our first areas to flesh out will be to develop a more professional remote meeting option for members who are not comfortable (or vaccinated) to attend meetings.

We also need support systems for our technically challenged members.  This is why we need members of this team who may not be IT professionals, but can relate to members new to electronic communication.

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