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TCSS Monthly Meetings - Presentation Video Index

PLEASE NOTE:  These videos are the property of the Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society and may ONLY BE VIEWED.  You must obtain written permission to use for other purposes.  The videos may not be copied nor the links to them shall not be posted on other sites. 

Please respect the intellectual property rights of the authors.

 Meeting Date
Presentation Topic Title
 Presenter  View
Sep 7, 2023 Memorable Places and the Succulents that Live There Dan Mahr  YouTube
Aug 3, 2023 Problems Facing Endangered Cacti (An excerpt from the full presentation) Stefan Burger  YouTube
Aug 3, 2023 Bolivian Cacti Stefan Burger  YouTube
Jul 6, 2023 Common-sense Cactus Conservation in the 21st Century Michiel Pillet  YouTube
Nov 3, 2022 By Bike & By Boot:
Landscape Design Lessons from Saguaro National Park
Scott Calhoun   Part 1
  Part 2
Oct 6, 2022 Nature's Geometry: Succulents Russel Ray  YouTube 
Sep 1, 2022  Planning for Uncertainty: Conserving Cacti in a World of Change Michiel Pillet  YouTube
Aug 4, 2022  Kamikaze Botany and Other Tales of the Wild Sansevieria Robert Webb  YouTube
Jul 7, 2022  Not all Bugs are TRUE BUGS William D. "Bill" Peachey  YouTube
Jun 2, 2022  Art in the Garden Margaret Joplin  YouTube
May 5, 2022  Shining a Light on a Hidden Agave: When you know that they don't know that they don't know Tristan J. Davis  YouTube
w/tech difficulty)
Apr 7, 2022  Feeding Succulents: How Fertilizer, Water pH and Soil Can and Should Be Adjusted! Ernesto Sandoval  YouTube
Mar 3, 2022 The Succulents of Southern Namibia Steven Brack  YouTube
Feb 3, 2022 Following the Footsteps of a Forgotten Botanist: A Visual Journey of the Life and Work of Sara Plummer Lemmon Wynne Brown  YouTube
Jan 6, 2022 Agaves: Species, Cultivars and Hybrids Jeff Moore  YouTube
 Nov 4, 2021 In the Arms of Saguaros: Iconography of the Giant Cactus  William Lawrence Bird Jr.  YouTube
 Oct 7, 2021 Destination: Forever Ranch Jan Emming  YouTube
 Sep 7, 2021 The ABC's of Growing Agaves Gregg Starr  YouTube
 Aug 5, 2021 The Succulent Flora of Limpopo, KZN and Mpumalanga Robert Skillin  Zoom

 Jul 1, 2021

Tohono O’odham Cultural Significance and Uses of Ha:sañ (Carnegiea gigantea / Saguaro Cactus)
Andrea Ramon  Zoom
 Jun 3, 2021
What you need to know about the Ocotillo before you die James W. Cornett  Zoom
 May 6, 2021
Phylogenomics in Cactaceae

Lucas C. Majure, Ph.D

 Apr 1, 2021
The Folklore, Enchantment, and Evolution of the Cactus & Succulent Hobby from 1889 to the Present Day

Gunnar Eisel

 Mar 4, 2021
 Cacti of Anthony Gap (New Mexico)
 Root Gorelick
 Feb 4, 2021
Field Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents of Arizona - 3rd Edition Introduction  Thomas Staudt
 Jan 7, 2021  Euphorbias I: Trees, Medusoids, and Globose Species

Robert Webb and Toni Yocum

 Dec 3, 2020
Your Questions and Their Answers - Panel Discussion

Mark A. Dimmitt, Greg Starr, Jason Wiley

 Nov 5, 2020
 Aloes On My Mind: Exploring Aloe Hybrids One Generation at a Time  Karen Zimmerman
 Oct 1, 2020  Mutant Cacti and Succulents  Tom Glavich  Zoom
 Sep 3, 2020  Cacti and Succulents Endemic to Baja California
 Peter Breslin
 Aug 6, 2020  Some Cacti of Cochise County Arizona  Rob Romero
 Jul 2, 2020  New or Reconsidered Agave species Post Gentry  Greg Starr
 Jun 4, 2020  No meeting due to Covid-19 concerns
 May 2, 2020
 No meeting due to Covid-19 concerns    
 Apr 2, 2020  No meeting due to Covid-19 concerns    
 Mar  5, 2020  An Island Apart – Travels in Madagascar  Fred Dortort
 Feb 6, 2020  Ray Turner and the Saguaro: A Research Retrospective  Robert Webb
 Jan 2, 2020

 SPINY SUCCULENTS: Euphorbias, Cacti, and Other

Sculptural Succulents & (Mostly) Spiny Xerophytic Plants

 Jeff Moore
 Nov 7, 2019  The horror of man and beast': a relatively painless introduction to the Cylindropuntia (chollas) of Arizona

 Michelle Cloud-Hughes

 Oct 3, 2019  The Desert Moonlight Garden  Jason Wiley
 Sep 5, 2019  Who’s Yer Daddy  Gerald K. Arp, Ph.D
 Aug 1, 2019  Saguaros: Inventory, Salvage, and Landscape Use  Judy Mielke
 Jul 11,2019  Chemicals from Cacti and Other Succulents  Dr. Art Friedman
 Jun 6, 2019  All Hail the Queen: Rescuing the Peniocereus greggii var. transmontanus  Jessie Byrd  Video
 May 2, 2019
 The Northern Chihuahuan Desert and its Texas Parks  Gary Nored
 Apr 4, 2019  The International Sansevieria Society Comes to Tucson and the TCSS  Robert Webb
 Mar 7, 2019  Arriving at Symmetry  Steven Derks
 Feb 7, 2019  North Dakota Peace Gardens  Don Vitko
 Jan 3, 2019  The Other Big Bend, Travels in Big Bend Ranch State Park  Rob Romero
 Nov 1, 2018  NAMIBIA A dry place in a wet time 2011  Wendell S. (Woody) Minnich
 Oct 4, 2018 The Tropical Deciduous Forest: Where cacti became succulent, and other biological explorations in Sonora  Robert A. Villa
 Sep 6, 2018  The Trail of the Unknown: Adventures in Discovery  Tristan J. Davis
 Aug 2, 2018 The Art of Naming a Species: Can They Really do That  Greg Starr
 Jul 5, 2018  Using DNA to help sort out Adenium species  Mark Dimmitt & Taylor Edwards
 Jun 7, 2018  Sowing Cacti: where Art and Science meet  Michiel Pillet
 May 3, 2018
 Our Vanishing Cacti  Bill Thornton
 Apr 5, 2018  Relocation of the Loran Whitelock Cycad Collection  Gary D. Roberson
 Mar 1, 2018  CICESE (Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada) and San Diego Natural History Museum  Sula Vanderplank
 Feb 1, 2018  Lessons from Tortilla Flats or No Species is an Island  Ted Fleming
 Jan 4, 2018  Where Did I Go Wrong  Chuck Hanson
 Nov 2, 2017  The science (and art) of taxonomy: How we make sense of nature's diversity  Mark Alan Dimmitt
 Oct 5, 2017  Lithops in Cultivation, from Ed Storms to Living Stones Nursery  Jane Evans
 Sep 7, 2017  The New, Rare and Seldom Seen Cacti and Succulents of Mexico  Windell S. (Woody) Minnich
 Aug 3, 2017  Shoestring Travels: Botanical Discoveries in Chile  Jan Emming
 Jul 6, 2017  Agave Distribution from Coast to Coast and Deserts to Mountains  Greg Starr

 - No Monthly Meeting video recordings prior to July 2017

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