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Good Time Silent Auction

Sunday, October 1, 2023

3:00 to 5:00 pm

Amphi Cactus Sales Site

4342 N 4th Ave. (4th & Wetmore)
Tucson AZ 85705


Everyone is welcome at this event which has been a Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society tradition for more than 60 years!

Amphi Location Google Map                     Video of previous (2021) Silent Auction

Fall is a wonderful time to thin some of the overgrown or tired areas of your garden and shop for succulent garden treasuresat the TCSS Good Time Silent Auction.

What can be better than sharing your extra plants while you visit friends and see what treasures they brought to share.

And don't forget about the free ice cream!

Along with the ice cream social, enjoy the great plant sharing at:

  • The FREE plant table and related items table.
  • The $2 and $5 plant tables.
  • And of course the headline Silent Auction (3 of them) which include:
    Rescued Saguaros & Barrels!
Sorry, no discount on rescued plants at this sales.

To buy plants at the auction, all you have to do is:

Download a copy of the bidding instructions here

  1. Sign in
  2. Get a bid number
  3. Keep bidding until you hear "PENCILS DOWN, STEP AWAY FROM THE TABLE"

To sell very special plants at the auction with a value more than $20.00, you set the minimum price (to be paid to you). If it goes fore more than minimum, the club keeps the difference.

We will run multiple auctions starting at 3:00 pm and ending about every 25 minutes..

Please bring your donated auction items or other donated items for the free, $2, or $5 tables between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm.  We want Plants, Pottery, Botanical Art, Garden Art, etc. to sell, auction or give away for free.

Auction/Sale is from 3:00 to 5:00

Saturday Volunteer Members Needed

Don't discount the social aspect of volunteering to be a part of the team that makes the party happen.

  • The shade structure setup begins at 8:00 am Saturday, September 30 until complete (est. 2 hours).

  • We need four to six (4-6) people to assist with erecting the 32' by 60' shade structure including driving stakes, erecting poles, driving tie down stakes, connect tie-down straps, attach wire cables to poles, and attach shade cloth to cables.

  • Set up 40 tables for the event.

  • We also need a crew to take down the tent and tables when the event is over on Sunday (event day).

Sunday Volunteer Members Needed

  • Registration Table: Four to six (4-6) people for the registration table. Tasks include annotating the registration sheet with the donor's name, the item name, and minimum bid and placing the plants on the auction table. At least one person should be fluent wit most cacti/succulent names (or able to google them on you phone). Needed from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

  • One to two (1-2) people to assign and log bidder's names with bid number.

  • Auction Tables: Three to four (3-4) people to annotate and collect bid sheets with winner's number after "pencils down, move away from the table". Yellow sticker.

  • Tally Tables: Four (4) people to hang winning bid sheets on the 'bid string' and annotate the bid winner's number and plant names onto the tally sheets for each winner take to the cashier after all the auctions are over.

  • Sale Tables: Two to three (2-3) people to receive donated plants, apply sales price sticker, and place on sales tables. Assist buyers with questions.

  • Free Area: Two to three (2-3) to receive donated plants/items and place in controlled area. Ensure items are not removed prior to 3:30.

  • Cashier Sales/Auction Tables: Four to six (4-6) people. Receive sales plants, add the value, and charge appropriate amount via cash, check, or charge.
    Receive Auction Tally sheets, charge appropriate amount via cash, check, or charge, and stamp tally sheet "PAID".

  • Last but NOT least we need a couple of people (bartenders) to staff the ice cream bar.

Putting this show together is FUN. Don't be left out.
Sign up for volunteer positions on our Activity Schedule
If you have questions or difficulty signing up on the activity schedule, email Steve Watts -

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