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Pima Prickly Park


Paths: There are several walking loop paths totaling over one mile.  They are mostly packed granite and mostly flat. No motorized vehicles or scooters allowed in the park except for motorized wheelchairs.

Ramadas: There are three accessible ramadas with two of them having large picnic tables. To reserve, contact Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation at (520) 877-6000.  Their offices are located on the north side of the park.

Wildlife: You may be able to see hummingbirds, butterflies, hawks, squirrels, rabbits, roadrunners, lizards, tarantulas, snakes, bobcats, coyotes and various bugs.  Please do not feed the wildlife.

Plants:  Most of the plants are Cactus and other Succulents but there are plants to attract humming birds and butterflies.  See our pages with various featured gardens.  When TCSS rescues a special cactus like a crested barrel or crested cholla, we plant it in the park so the public can enjoy it.

Park Brochures: We have a park brochure with a map and park features.  You can view it on our web but printed copies are located at the front (River Road) and rear (Camino de la Tierra) entrances and in the ramadas with the picnic tables.

Questions & More Information:  There are TCSS volunteers working in the park on Thursday mornings and often at other times.  Please stop and say hello and ask them any questions, they are all very friendly cactophiles.  You may also email questions and suggestions to us at 

Water and Restrooms: There are no water fountains or restrooms in the park but facilities can be found in the Office Building during business hours.

Pets: Dogs ON A LEASH are welcome. There are bags and trash barrels on site for you to clean up after your pet. 

Don't forget to bring water!


TCSS has a 15 year Operating Agreement with Pima County for Pima Prickly Park. This will be a collaborative effort involving not only Pima County Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation but many other educational organizations in Southern Arizona.

Pima Prickly Park events and volunteer work days


Volunteering is an opportunity for TCSS members to give back to the Tucson community while developing some great hands-on skills and knowledge. Join us!

Park volunteers may just show up at the times noted in the calendar. Most volunteers show up on Thursday mornings and meeting times vary with the seasons, so check our calendar

For other member volunteer opportunities with TCSS visit our Scheduled Activities page.

For questions about volunteering in the Park, email

Volunteer Spotlight

3 volunteers smiling

Some of our Monday Crew taking a much needed break.  Featured from left to right: Judi Marro, Cyndi Garrison, and Nanette Burnett

Some of the volunteers who maintain Pima Prickly Park

Pictured left to right - some of the regular volunteers

Frank Huebner - part of the special projects team

Dick Wiedhopf - TCSS President

Crystal Cannon - Plant Sale team leader

Linda Heisley - Pima Prickly Park activity directory

Cathy Robson - Propagation (hoop house) manager

Dave Palzkill - part of the special projects team

Vonn Watkins - TCSS VP

Upcoming Events and Park Work Days

Pima Prickly park is  a 7-acre public park open dawn to dusk year-round and maintained by Pima County Natural Resources in partnership with TCSS.

Visitors will see the types of plants that can grow in our desert. There is always something in bloom.

Bring water!

The TCSS mission is learning, teaching, and conservation of cacti

Learning - hands on activities for volunteers as we develop and maintain each garden area of the park. Join one of the garden teams today!

Teaching - regular classes are announced on the Park Events page and volunteers are constantly sharing information as we develop and maintain each garden area of the park.

Conservation - most plants in the 7-acre park are rescued from areas under development where they would have been destroyed.

Park Location


The 7 acre park is open to the Public from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week and is "free of charge".

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