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Designed as a sacred space in Pima Prickly Park.   Saguarohenge  will celebrate the ancient relationships between people and the Sonoran Desert.

A pathway experience to the center of Saguarohenge will provide visitors with a new perspective on the park and a heightened awareness of their own place in the desert.

As you navigate the path, notice the native nurse trees which are critical for the survival of saguaro seedlings.

Plans are for many creosote bushes along the path to let you experience that special desert scent occurring after rains. Sit on a rock in Saguarohenge and reflect on those special people and wonderful events in your life.  A quiet time may give you a glimpse of the bobcat, javelina, coyotes, birds, gophers, squirrels, rabbits, and snakes.

  • Saguarohenge: Only in Tucson, a Video on YouTube by Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star
  • Saguarohenge rock engraving process, Sept 14, 2012, the first 4 rocks.

Using soil and boulders salvaged by Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, the garden at Saguarohenge has started to take shape.  Using Stonehenge as a model, seating boulders are placed alongside the existing saguaros and the largest boulder is standing upright in the center.

These boulders will be etched with a message about the garden and memorials to Norma Beckman and Alice Pardee.  The base layer for a new spiral pathway has been built and leveled.  This approach will be a dramatic and accessible way to view Saguarohenge.  Story and photos by Jessie.

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