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Pollinator Garden

Our Pollinator Garden is designed to showcase best practices for home gardeners who wish to develop desirable habitat in their own backyards. We showcase more than 25 desert-adapted plants suitable for Tucson's climate. You're invited to visit, have a look around, and ask questions when we're working in the garden (most Thursday mornings). 

Our Pollinator Garden team activities embody the TCSS mission by focusing on learning and teaching about the plants and environment that create habitat for hummingbirds and other desirable backyard wildlife.

We meet weekly to work on the garden development goals available in the pdf link below.

We welcome TCSS member participation in our learning/teaching group.

To join us, contact Penny, our team coordinator.
PMiller451 @  

Click on the links below for additional detail about our garden team.

Garden Development Team Goals.pdf

Team work and water schedule (coming soon)

List and cultural details about the plants featured in our garden (coming soon)

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