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First Thursdays January through November at 7 PM
A short business meeting followed by an informative presentation, door prizes, and free plants.


June 2, 2022 7:00 pm

 Now three ways to view this presentation:
1. Attend the in-person meeting. ALL attendees must be vaccinated and masks are strongly suggested and appreciated.
                       Meetings are held at  Sky Islands Public High School          School Location Map
                                                                 6000 E. 14th St., Tucson AZ 85711    Google Map
 2. Join online Zoom meeting   Click Here   or  View our Zoom Instructions
     If you cannot get connected at the last minute, you can email us at HELP@TucsonCactus.org
      and someone will get right back to you.
 3. View the recorded presentation a few days after the meeting. 
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June 2, 2022 7:00 pm

Arts in the Garden

Presented by Margaret Joplin
Design Collaborations, Ltd.

More info and photos soon

May 5, 2022 7:00 pm

Shining a Light on a Hidden Agave: When you know that they don't know that they don't know

Presented by Tristan J. Davis

Notes for attending the in-person meeting:
Attendees must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19
Masks are required to be worn by all
Refreshments will not be served at the meeting

Have you ever looked at a plant with ID and thought, "Hmmm...that's weird"? Trying to answer those types of questions is what Science is all about. In this presentation, Tristan will take you on a storybook adventure with Greg Starr that ended in a surprising place. It all started with a photo and someone saying, "Something is goin on here". The story will take us from the Internet, to a nursery, to our gardens, and all the way to Mexico. It's a story that has a happy ending = and lots of pretty photos! It's also a story that has an unwritten sequel.

Born into a very "outdoorsy" family, Tristan was introduced to the natural World at a very young age. His initial interest was specific to South American birds, and subsequent education at Louisiana State University and the University of Kansas allowed him to accompany scientific expeditions to most South American countries, as well as China, the Philippines, and Equatorial Guinea. It was obvious early on in 

his travels that Tristan much preferred those locations with less humidity (western Peru, the pampas of Argentina, etc.), and this was a significant reason he moved with his husband to Arizona in 2001. Once arriving in Arizona, Tristan readily transitioned his scientific passions to cacti and succulents, and although Tristan has authored numerous scientific publications related to ornithology, he published his first paper on desert succulents in 2011 in the Cactus & Succulent Journal. Tristan's current interests and scientific travels include Mexican agaves with Greg Starr, Peruvian Puya, and South American Cleistocactus, as well as neotropical birds. And whatever else piques his interest along the way. Tristan currently resides in Chandler, AZ and is a member of the Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society; he served on the Board of Directors for the society, and currently administers the Propagation Education Group (PEG), the Research Grant Program, and the Seed Depot for the society. Tristan also volunteers in the Horticulture, Research, and Education departments at the Desert Botanical Garden.

If you have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19, you are welcome to come and join us for this excellent in-person presentation (masks will be required by all). This meeting will also be a Zoom program and will be an important educational and informational event you must see. Also, if using Zoom, be sure to log in to win a $25.00 give certificate from TCSS or choose a copy of the new 3rd edition of the Field Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents of Arizona. Plant give aways will take place at the in-person meeting but that portion of the program, because of the recording, will not appear on Zoom. When leaving the live in-person meeting, everyone can get a free plant offered to you by the TCSS.

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April 7, 2022 7:00 pm

Feeding Succulents: How Fertilizer, Water pH and Soil Can and Should Be Adjusted!

Presented by Ernesto Sandoval

Perhaps you've heard that pH is important for plants? Ernesto will summarize why you want your plants to receive slightly acidic water and various ways you can adjust it for your succulents. How is this similar and different than fertilizing "regular" plants? Ernesto will discuss all of this plus the importance of "soils"/container media and the details of how you can maximize the root potential for your plants!

Ernesto Sandoval has been wondering and seeking questions and answers to why plants grow and look the way that they do for nearly 40 years. Now he explains and interprets the world of plants to a variety of ages and from amateur to professional gardeners. He regularly lectures to a variety of western Garden Clubs throughout the year and particularly to Succulent Clubs throughout California. Desert plants are his particular passion withing his general passion for plants. He describes himself as a "Jose of All Plants, Master of None" and loves learning from the experiences of others as well as his own. Ernesto thoroughly enjoys helping others, and gardeners in particular, to understand why and how plants do what they do.